Mahmya Island is a true hidden gem off the coast of Hurghada, Egypt. It’s a peaceful place with crystal clear blue water and is truly quite the paradise. A day trip to Mahmya Island is a great way to escape the bustling big cities of Egypt. We spent 2.5 weeks in Egypt and honestly, the day we visited Mahmya was one of our favorites! You really wouldn’t expect such an incredible paradise in Egypt.

In this comprehensive guide, I will share everything you need to know about the stunning Mahmya Island – covering topics such as how to get there, transportation options, pricing details, and the serene Mahmya Island beach club.

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Soaking up the sun in paradise

Mahmya Island (10)

Swimming in the crystal clear water

Spend a perfect day in paradise at Mahmya Island.

Mahmya Island is a private beach located on Giftun Island. It’s nestled amidst unspoiled crystal clear waters (with so many shades of blue) and a super soft white sand beach. The beach club offers delicious cuisine, cocktails, incredible views, and a relaxing atmosphere. If you’re wondering what to do in Hurghada, a day trip to Mahmya is an exotic getaway that will redefine your concept of a perfect day in the Red Sea. It is sure to top your list of best beaches in Egypt. It’s definitely at the top of ours!

Giftun Island public beach and Paradise Island are also great options, if you can’t make it to Mahmya. But I would recommend Mahmya Island over the other 2 options any day!

How to Get to Mahmya Island

There are a few different ways to get to Mahmya Island, but all of them are by boat. We chose to book the Day Use Program (more on that in the next section) through the Mahmya website. You can also opt to take a speedboat or a private boat/day tour. These can also be booked through their website.

  • The boats depart from and return to Mahmya Beach Marina in Hurghada on two different schedules.
    • Day schedule: departs at 8:30 am and returns at 4 pm
    • Sunset schedule *we recommend this one*: departs at 10 am and returns at sunset, with the most beautiful views you’ve ever seen!

Other options for booking would be through a private tour company or GetYourGuide/Viator/etc.

Travel tip: Make sure to keep your camera out during the boat trip to and from Mahmya. We saw dolphins during our sunset trip back to Hurghada!

Mahmya Island (1)

Arriving to the Mahmya Beach Marina in Hurghada

Mahmya Island (2)

Saying goodbye to Hurghada as the boat leaves for Mahmya Island

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Mahmya Island?

If you’re booking through the Mahmya website, prices are as follows:

  • Day Use Program
    • Includes: boat transfers, beach use (with reserved seating), and a towel
      • Cost: 30 euros/adult & 15 euros/child
  • Day Use Program + Lunch
    • Includes: everything from above + a buffet lunch (including soft drinks)
      • Cost: 50 euros/adult & 25 euros/child
  • Full Program
    • Includes: everything from Day Use Program + Lunch and a snorkeling trip to Sabina Reef, where you can encounter beautiful corals, colorful fish, and even turtles.
      • Cost: 75 euros/adult & 37.50 euros/child

Note: When we visited Mahmya Island, we chose to buy the day use program, but we wished that we would’ve splurged and went with the full program. The snorkeling around these crystal clear waters is INCREDIBLE and we know that visiting the Sabina Reef would have made the day more magical.

  • Other options
    • Speedboat: This would be good if you have a bigger budget and want to get to the island very quickly, as it only takes 20 minutes. The boats can fit 6 people and it costs 44 euros/person.
    • Private boat tour: This a more luxurious option, as it costs 600 euros for the day (including 10 people on the boat).
    • If you’re interested in a sailing experience, you can reserve that through GetYourGuide, etc.
Mahmya Island, Giftun Island

Arriving to Mahmya Island (look at that water.. wow!)

Mahmya Island sunset

A perfect sunset on the ride back to Hurgada (look out for dolphins)

Food + Drink Options

Aside from what’s included in the programs listed above, Mahmya Island also has an à la carte menu, which is what we opted for during our visit. This choice allowed us to dine at our beach lounge area throughout the day and even enjoy a bottle of wine.

The à la carte menu offers Mediterranean selections with an Egyptian twist. Some menu options include salads, pizzas, pasta, chicken, sandwiches, seafood, delectable desserts, and a few kid-friendly choices as well.

There’s also a bar, situated just up from the beach area, for those who want to drink beer, wine, or cocktails. During our amazing day on Mahmya Island, we were able to order a bottle of wine delivered right to our lounge area.

Mahmya Island - Giftun Island 2

Enjoying a glass of rosé on Mahmya Island

Mahmya Island beach

Our lounge area right by the water


We came prepared with our own masks and snorkels, and we spent the day indulging in lots of snorkeling, relaxing, and eating delicious food. For those who want more action, Mahmya Island provides a plethora of other activities to enjoy, including beach volleyball, a fun water slide, and a trampoline! There are also paid activities available, such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), banana boat rides, and more. We would love to go kayaking next time we visit!

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Mahmya Island

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