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The island of Menorca, Spain is no doubt, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe.

There is no shortage of amazing places to see and exciting things to do in Menorca. As one of the stunning Balearic Islands in Spain, Menorca, offers the perfect blend of rich history, pristine beaches, and charming Mediterranean culture.

Menorca is renowned for its crystalline turquoise waters and secluded coves. The island’s southern coast is home to stunning beaches like Cala Macarella and Cala Mitjana. These gorgeous beaches are the perfect place to relax on powdery white sands, swim in transparent waters, and explore hidden caves along the coastline.

Beyond its natural beauty, Menorca preserves a distinct cultural identity, evident in its traditional festivals, local cuisine, and the preservation of Talayotic sites, prehistoric megalithic monuments scattered across the island.

We spent almost a month in Menorca and truly enjoyed our time there. It’s one of those places we just want to visit over and over again.

Let’s get into the 10 best things to do in Menorca!

Things To Do in Menorca (14)
Things To Do in Menorca (1)

#1 – Relax at Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta

These two beaches rank among the most breathtaking we’ve encountered throughout Spain! If we had to choose one for a day of relaxation, Cala Macarelleta would be our choice.

Cala Macarella

Cala Macarella boasts a horseshoe-shaped coastline adorned with fine, white sand and pristine turquoise waters. Lined by pine-clad hills, the beach gives off a serene ambiance and showcases unspoiled natural beauty. The gentle, shallow waters create an optimal environment for swimming and snorkeling. For those eager to explore beyond the shoreline, boat excursions are available, offering a chance to appreciate the coastal panorama and uncover secluded coves.

Cala Macarelleta

Connected to Cala Macarella by a scenic coastal path, Cala Macarelleta is a smaller, more secluded cove located just a short walk away. While it shares the same mesmerizing turquoise waters and fine sand as Cala Macarella, Cala Macarelleta offers a more intimate and peaceful atmosphere. The beach is surrounded by low cliffs and pine trees, creating a sense of seclusion and natural beauty.

Cala Macarelleta is renowned for its panoramic viewpoints, especially from the top of the surrounding cliffs, offering breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. Make sure to bring your camera to capture some photos! The pristine waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and the limited facilities contribute to the beach’s unspoiled charm.

Things To Do in Menorca (2) - Cala Macarella
Things To Do in Menorca (17) - Cala Macarelleta

#2 – Water sports at Son Bou

Son Bou, situated on the southern coast of Menorca, not only boasts one of the island’s longest beaches but also stands out as a hub for exhilarating water sports.

With its extensive stretch of golden sand and clear turquoise waters, Son Bou provides an ideal playground for aquatic adventures.

Enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of water activities, from kayaking and paddleboarding to sailboats and windsurfing, all against the backdrop of the stunning Mediterranean landscape.

The gentle sea breeze and calm waves make it a welcoming spot for both beginners and experienced water sports lovers.

#3 – Wander around Binibeca Vell

Our favorite village (and the cutest) in all of Menorca – Binibeca Vell! Binibeca Vell is a coastal village, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It’s known for its beautiful narrow streets and whitewashed houses. The design of the town was inspired by traditional Menorcan fishing villages.

Don’t miss –

  • Boutique Shops and Cafés: There is an array of boutique shops in Binibeca Vell, showcasing local crafts, unique souvenirs, and captivating items. The village also hosts cozy cafes and restaurants where visitors can indulge in a leisurely meal or savor a refreshing drink amidst the enchanting ambiance.
  • Binibeca Beach: Situated in close proximity, Binibeca Vell provides easy access to Binibeca Beach—an exquisite sandy cove with azure waters.
  • Art Galleries: Immerse yourself in the village’s creative spirit by exploring small art galleries that exhibit the work of local artists, adding an artistic layer to Binibeca Vell’s cultural tapestry.
  • Artisan Workshops: Witness the traditional crafts practiced by local artisans in Binibeca Vell, offering visitors a chance to observe the skilled craftsmanship that contributes to the village’s authentic charm.
Things To Do in Menorca (3) - Binibeca Vell
Things To Do in Menorca (18) - Binibeca Vell

#4 – Go scuba diving

Scuba diving in Menorca offers a captivating exploration of the island’s underwater wonders, unveiling a vibrant marine realm that is as diverse as it is enchanting.

With its crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, Menorca provides an excellent backdrop for diving enthusiasts of all levels. The underwater landscape is adorned with submerged caves, dramatic cliffs, and thriving marine life.

With more than 35 dive sites around the island, there’s no shortage of exciting dive trips. Some popular dive sites include colorful coral gardens, underwater caverns, and historic shipwrecks.

Whether you’re a novice eager to embark on a new underwater adventure or an experienced diver seeking to delve into the island’s aquatic mysteries, Menorca’s scuba diving scene promises an unforgettable journey into the depths of the Mediterranean.

Top rated dive centers in Menorca:

#5 – Cova d’en Xoroi for sunset

Tucked away in a cave on a cliff, lies the most amazing hidden gem of Menorca – Cova d’en Xoroi. Our afternoon at Cova was one of the highlights of our whole trip! The sunsets are beyond picturesque – make sure you bring your camera. This day club/night club offers 3 different tickets:

  • Cova day (12 euros)
  • Cova sunset & live music (25 euros)
  • Cova night sessions (30 euros)
Things To Do in Menorca (10) - Cova d'en Xoroi
Things To Do in Menorca (11) - Cova d'en Xoroi

#6 – Visit Mahón’s Historic District

Mahón, the charming capital of Menorca, offers a blend of history, culture, and Mediterranean allure.

Must see/do in Mahón:

  • Explore the historic district with its narrow cobblestone streets, where you’ll encounter architectural gems and vibrant markets.
  • Visit the iconic Santa Maria Church, a neoclassical masterpiece, and revel in the breathtaking views of the expansive harbor.
  • Delight in the flavors of Menorcan cuisine at local eateries. Take a boat tour around Mahon’s stunning harbor or venture to nearby beaches like Cala Mesquida for a relaxing day by the sea.
  • Explore the Museu de Menorca to delve into the island’s rich history.
  • Grab a drink at Xoriguer Gin Distillery, where you can savor the island’s signature gin.

#7 – Wine tasting at Bodegas Binifadet

Bodegas Binifadet is a renowned winery located on the island of Menorca, Spain. Situated near the town of Sant Lluís, this family-owned winery has become a notable destination for wine enthusiasts and anyone seeking a taste of Menorcan viticulture.

The winery offers guided tours and wine tastings, providing visitors with insights into the winemaking process and the opportunity to sample a selection of Binifadet’s wines.

Bodegas Binifadet also features a restaurant on its premises, allowing visitors to complement their wine tastings with Menorcan cuisine. The restaurant offers dishes made with local produce and based on traditional Menorcan cuisine.

Travel tip

I highly recommend making a reservation ahead of time, as they can get very busy during the summer! Book your table here.

Even if you normally don’t like rosé, give the one from Binifadet a try. We found it to be delightful – not too sweet, but just right for a summer day.

Things To Do in Menorca (9) - Bodegas Binifadet
Things To Do in Menorca (8) - Bodegas Binifadet

#8 – Explore Talayotic Sites

Menorca boasts a fascinating historical tapestry woven with remnants of its ancient past, prominently displayed in the form of Talayotic sites. These archaeological wonders, scattered across the island, stand as testaments to Menorca’s prehistoric legacy.

Among the notable sites are Naveta des Tudons, a unique burial chamber shaped like an overturned boat, and Torre d’en Galmés, a sprawling complex featuring well-preserved talayots, or stone towers, and ancient dwellings.

These Talayotic sites offer visitors a captivating journey back in time, providing insights into the island’s early inhabitants and their advanced architectural and societal achievements.

#9 – Soak up the sun at Cala Binisafúller

We stumbled upon this beach by accident and we were so glad we did! Unlike some of the more frequented beaches on the island, Binisafuller maintains a tranquil ambiance, making it a hidden gem awaiting exploration.

What distinguishes this coastal haven is the proximity of charming houses right along the water’s edge. It reminded us of the traditional architecture found on the neighboring island of Mallorca.

If you’re looking for a beach with significantly less tourists, this is a great place to visit! Its serene atmosphere and understated beauty make it an ideal spot to unwind, bask in the sun, and enjoy the coastal charm with a sense of exclusive tranquility.

Things To Do in Menorca (19) - Cala Benisafuller
Things To Do in Menorca (5) - Cala Benisafuller

#10 – Learn about cheese making at a cheese factory

Menorca is renowned for its Mahón cheese, often aged in rustic cellars to achieve its distinctive taste and texture.

Taking a cheese factory tour offers a firsthand look at the meticulous care and expertise that goes into each wheel of cheese.

The experience typically concludes with a delightful cheese tasting, allowing visitors to savor the various nuances of Menorca’s exceptional cheeses, perfectly complemented by local accompaniments.

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Best things to do in Menorca - Cala Macarelleta (1)
Best things to do in Menorca

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