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The renowned restaurant La Sponda, Positano, situated within the Le Sirenuse hotel stands out as one of the most enchanting restaurants in the world.

Adorned with lush vines, bathed in the soft glow of countless candles during dinner service, and offering breathtaking views of Positano and the Mediterranean from its elevated vantage point, La Sponda is an unmissable culinary gem during your visit to the Amalfi Coast.

La Sponda restaurant offers one of the most romantic dining experiences on the Amalfi Coast, and in my opinion, in all of Italy. The prestigious Michelin Guide has honored La Sponda with a well-deserved Michelin star.

I had the honor of dining there on my last trip to Positano. In this guide, I’ll provide comprehensive insights, covering everything from securing a reservation and exploring the menu to understand the dress code and more.

La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (24)
La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (31)

The enchantment of La Sponda Positano is a memory that will stay with you always.

Nestled in the most renowned town on the Amalfi coast, the picturesque Positano in Italy, La Sponda restaurant is a true gem with the distinguished Le Sirenuse hotel. Positano, with its vibrant and colorful cliffside houses, narrow winding streets, and stunning sea views, is a destination that captivates the hearts of many visitors. Against this backdrop, La Sponda offers an exceptional dining experience.

You can find the exact address here.

Getting a reservation at La Sponda Positano

During our visit to La Sponda in April, before the peak tourist season, we were fortunate to secure a lunch reservation with just a 2-day notice. However, this isn’t the norm. In the high season (particularly for dinner reservations), it’s advisable to plan well in advance, typically weeks ahead. You can make a reservation online here. April 2024 reservations open up in February.

La Sponda is open seven days a week from April to October. When making a reservation, you’ll be prompted to choose from two seating times: the first at 7:30 pm or the second at either 9:15 pm or 10:00 pm.

Normally, walk-ins are not accepted, except in the case of a late cancellation or no show. To ensure availability, you can check online or contact the restaurant directly by phone.

La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (21)
La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (34)

All about the food & drinks

As La Sponda holds a prestigious Michelin star, the menu meets high standards. The culinary offerings are truly exceptional, with seasonal changes keeping the dining experience fresh. The restaurant consistently features Mediterranean cuisine, though this gastronomic delight comes with a hefty price tag – our lunch for two amounted to over 250 euros. Despite the cost, we found the experience to be very worth it and highly recommended it those with the budget to spare.

La Sponda also boasts an extensive wine selection, and their knowledgeable sommeliers are readily available to provide guidance and recommend pairings for each seasonal menu.

If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, make sure to include a note when making a reservation. The Maître-d’ will be there to assist upon arrival. I have a very serious nut allergy, and in my experience, I was impressed by the restaurant’s handling of the situation. They ensured that all dishes were nut-free and took precautions to prevent any cross contamination.

La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (33)
La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (35)

The service

The level of service we experienced at La Sponda Positano was nothing short of extraordinary, aligning seamlessly with the expectations one would have for a Michelin-starred restaurant situated within a luxurious 5-star hotel. Everyone we interacted with showed not only professionalism, but so much kindness and patience.

From the moment we entered the restaurant until the end of our dining experience, the staff’s commitment to providing exceptional service was evident, enhancing the overall ambiance and making our visit truly memorable. Their attentiveness added an extra layer of enjoyment to the already outstanding culinary and atmospheric elements of La Sponda Positano.

Dress code at La Sponda Positano

During our visit to La Sponda, both of us wore long dresses, a choice that seemed to align with the attire of the guests in both the restaurant and the hotel. The restaurant maintains a “smart casual” dress code and discourages wearing shorts, except on exceptionally warm evenings. Tank tops and baseball caps are not permitted. Although jackets are not mandatory, we noticed that many men chose to wear them during our visit. The tasteful dress code complemented the sophisticated atmosphere of La Sponda, contributing to the overall refined experience of our time there.

La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (39)
La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (28)

Staying at the hotel – Le Sirenuse

While our budget didn’t allow for a stay at Le Sirenuse on this particular trip, it is still on our bucket list for the next trip to Postiano. The hotel exudes the timeless charm of old-world Italian opulence, resembling something straight out of a magazine. The vibrant red façade, lemon trees dotting the pool area, breathtaking views, and meticulous attention to detail collectively makes this hotel an enticing destination. Being a member of the Leading Hotels of the World only further adds to its prestige.

Many of the guest rooms, La Sponda restaurant, and the terrace by the swimming pool offer sweeping views of the boundless blue Mediterranean sea and the charming town of Positano. The hotel offers accommodations ranging from inner courtyard rooms to expansive two-bedroom suites with sea views. Each of the 58 rooms is designed to be a tranquil and immaculate haven filled with natural light.

For those contemplating a luxurious escape to Positano, the starting price for room bookings in 2024 is 628 euros/night.

La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (37)
La Sponda Positano - Le Sirenuse (36)

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  • Karen mccoy

    January 10, 2024

    Carrie. I love the pictures taken at Los Sponda. Would you tell me what did you have for lunch . I see lunch was 250 Euros ? I would like to make reservations to take my daughter there this August.
    How would you recommend getting to Los Sponda from Case Nilda ?

  • Jennifer E.

    March 17, 2024

    Hi Carrie,
    Thank you for all this information! I booked dinner reservations for La Sponda back in February for April; however, there were no options to book lunch. Can you book lunch ahead of time? If so, how do you book for lunch?


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